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Machine learning use cases, by industry

Now, thanks to the democratisation of technology access (namely cloud and open source), small, lean teams are building world leading solutions - even the big consultancies can't keep up. In fact, especially them. 

Think of us as their centralised marketing agency, an umbrella brand. We attract incredible boutique businesses across every industry, hold them to incredibly high standards and manage their account service. 

Please note the full range of services provided by the Collective far exceeds the few examples below. 



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Research & Data Analysis


Pharmaceutical Development

Product & Service Recommenders

Imagine a site or service that knew what people were likely to buy based on live engagement, so presented it to them.

Actually, you don't need to imagine.

Boost conversion rates with a world-class recommendation system built on Amazon Personalize. We’ll handle the setup, training and integration to have you up and running within 30 days, just as our partner did for 'the Netflix of Germany' RTL Interactive.

Statistical Analysis

Data management and analysis can be an intensely manual process.

Our partner's custom software will free up time so you can focus on the problems that matter.

Enhanced Drug Development and Clinical Trials

Find new drugs faster, build better trials or diagnose rare diseases, with data.

Our research partner has worked with some incredible businesses, including Johnson and Johnson, Idorsia and Centogene.

Whether to 'improve a number' behind the scenes or automating biomarker analysis, teams with machine enabled capability are more effective.


Human Resources



Image by Benjamin Atchley

Not for Profit

Technology Enhanced Recruitment

Sourcing and recruitment, or Learning and Development; our partner supercharges your internal hiring process invisibly. 

The first lesson every recruiter must learn is how to 'CV scan', to shortlist CVs against relevant job descriptions.

It can be automated, so your humans can do more of the human stuff.

Market Research & Media

Text analysis can help you understand what millions of people are saying across hundreds of sources. 

Automate the clustering of your market using semantic analysis to infer attitudes towards your brand. 

Deliver attitude specific messages across self-optimising media channels. 

Social Good

Even if it pays for itself over time, Machine Learning can be an expensive technology to employ.

It requires a full stack understanding of a client's engineering environment, the various languages and technologies involved, as well as world leading mathematical understanding.

Our partner is designed to be as cheap as possible, where profitable clients actually pay for organisations with clear social good. 

With the right mission, you could receive your build for free.