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Employ Life's Patterns.

Now, thanks to the democratisation of technology access - namely through cloud and open source, small, lean teams are building world leading solutions.

Even the big consultancies can't keep up.

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Business Intelligence

Understand your human limits, then exceed them. 

Data is the central nervous system for every modern business. Does your business have a brain?

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eCommerce and Marketing

Smarter, more profitable, customer-oriented decisions.

Pattern recognition through machine learning is the marketer's best tool for delivering customised experiences.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Be more human, by machine.

Optimised research, powerful diagnostics, better patient engagement or streamlined administration, all mean you can focus on challenges fit for a human.

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Explore Use Case Library

From applications in primary industries and manufacturing, to legal and financial servies.

Explore 80+ applications delivered by the Collective.

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Case Studies from the Collective

Here are a few examples.

Media Analysis

Understanding impact of Catalogue Mailings on sales


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Supply Chain and Logistics

Warehousing and port utilisation optimisation


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Waste and energy reduction in herb and lettuce production


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Marketing analytics

Portfolio optimisation for a beer wholesaler's retail clients

Confidential (world's major beer company)

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Automating product assortment comparison against competitors

Confidential (major US supermarket)

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Fashion Retail

Media optimisation response to covid in fashion retail

Ted Baker

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Supply chain management

Demand forecasting for parcel delivery


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Fast food

Fast food order preparation tracking, an investigation

Confidential (top food delivery in the US)

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Predicting out-of-stock events

Confidential (multi-vertical in Colombia)

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Inventory and demand prediction for SKU management

Confidential (large US retailer)

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