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MCC Technical Consulting

We build decentralised teams out of specialists who solve components of a challenge, lead by a domain expert.

Benefits of engaging a technical consultant

What's included?

The two broad elements of technical consulting are internal and external.


Process diagnostics to understand the components of a challenge or problem.

  • Process analysis with site visits.

  • Manufacturing improvement.

Root cause assessment.

  • A majority of clients are able to define their problem, desired capability or business objective clearly. 

  • A TC's first step is typically a root cause analysis to determine what's going wrong or precisely what is needed to meet a capability or business objective.

Ongoing Innovation plan.

  • Ongoing consultation on innovation planning.

  • Acting as a bridge between the manufacturing environment and the potential of advanced technology.

DALL·E 2022-11-11 13.18.04 - a minimalist black and white cartoon of consultants working t


Domain centric approach.

  • Enabling stakeholders to speak the same language by translating manufacturing objectives into machine learning briefs.

  • Guiding ML engineers in the interpretation of results and domain-specific refinements

Priority access to the network.

  • Access to fast-tracked Machine Commons services.

  • Capability requests and pitch processes jump to the front of the queue.

Technical Consultants continually ask: 

Does solving the challenge save enough time or resources to make it worth the investment?

How TCs work with Machine Commons 

TCs are likely to proceed in one of two ways, with these fast-tracked services.

Brief and response

We’re able to hone in on a precise business need and can match this to an engineering capability.

DALL·E 2022-11-10 13.01.36 - an image showing multiple businesses competing for a client.p

Exploratory phase

We agree more information is needed to create an effective engineering brief.

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Fun fact: these images were generated using OpenAI's image generating neuralnet, Dall.E!

What does it cost?

How we charge for Technical Consultants

Package 1

Stationary photo

2 hours / week

€600 / month

2% discount on project value

Package 2

Stationary photo

20 hours / week

€3200 / month

3% discount on project value

Here are a few examples

These suggestions are from a consulting project conducted for a glass manufacturer. In essence, we can assess these and similar capabilities for most manufacturers. 

Track individual people around the shop floor with facial recognition.

As most warehouses have cameras, this can often mean a no/low hardware installation. Clearly, this can depend on camera quality, count and positioning.

  • Attendance or time tracking

  • Attributing tasks to individuals

  • Security applications (unauthorized access)

  • Safety applications (i.e. helmets)

facial recognition.png
Ondrej Photo.jpg

I began to see opportunities that can be solved with machine learning all over the business. Machine Commons answered requests for capability and delivered proposals that I built into my research and presented to C-Suite. Everyone was happy!

Ondrej Nenadl,

Head of MC Technical Consultant Network

Schunk Group, Netherlands
IG Design Group, Netherlands

Ondrej Nenadl

Head of Technical Consultant Network.  

  • Strong technical experience in project management for major clients.

  • Strong experience with LEAN and Six Sigma management philosophies.

  • Achieve manufacturing cost down - patented.

  • Solving problems with laser based protective coatings.

  • Print adhesion issue on stainless steel.

  • Print process optimisation and understanding, developed in depth understanding of the process. 

  • Set up external partnerships, 
    gained access to subsidies worth 1.5M EUR.

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