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Image by Tyler Haehn

A short consulting video series to help answer key questions about the AI journey.

AI for Business

Machine Commons Consulting UK (MCC UK) is the partnership between Machine Commons (MC) and Combined Intelligence (CI). 

Steve Sheppard (CI) and Alex Carruthers (MC)
discuss key topics related to artificial intelligence in business. 

MCC UK's priority is to
help clients along their AI journey and this series covers the approach.

From Vision to Reality

Alex and Steve discuss the importance of connecting investments in AI to company vision.

There are a realm of possibilities out there, so it's important to
prioritise by 'potential'

AI Vision to Reality
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From Vision to Reality
Is now the time to invest?

Is now the time to invest?

Hype has lead to multiple 'AI winters', where overpromises and under delivery have collapsed expectations.

now really the time to invest in AI