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Automating product assortment comparison against competitors

Automating product assortment comparison against competitors


Business Intelligence

Business Challenge
One of the largest retailers in Mexico wanted to understand how their product assortment compared to their competitors.

Assortment gap analysis aims to discover opportunities for introducing new products or variants that can help the retailer boost its sales and margins.

Supplier Solution
A product matching tool was used to compare the retailer’s catalog with their main competitors. Moreover, a product attribute extraction pipeline based on a combination of traditional methods, NLP, and computer vision was designed.
The extracted information plus the matching was used to compute the gap and provide useful insights.

The solution was provided in 4 weeks for 10 product categories (smart phones, televisions, cereals, washing machine, beers, cheeses, meats, detergents, diapers, and more) doing more than 30 comparisons between catalogs that had more than ten thousand products.




Confidential (major US supermarket)

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