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Our Mission

We believe in Community Business.

Borders between businesses are blurring.
Capitalism must change, to be less about profit and more about communal and earthly good.

It's not right that so much power is concentrated to so few.
We are building a commons, a place where the many are one. The commons will be a democratic collective organisation with a constitution of unshakable ethical practices.

Cross pollination is rocket fuel to innovation.
The commons will share resources and provoke innovation between our service partners.

Trust in the Commons is trust in us all.
The commons will internally hold each member service provider to the highest level of accountability. 


Founding Values of the Machine Commons 

For now, this is a living document published and updated here. It's here for you to critique, pull apart, commend, make suggestions on and generally participate in its creation.

Once finalised, it will form the concrete, unbreakable organisational algorithm that will govern every touchpoint of the Commons, its internal governance and how this relates to its community.

Please get in touch to contribute - 

Positive Impact

The Commons will only enlist, support and work with organisations with a net positive effect on their stakeholders and this planet. 
Existing Members that move away from a positive to a negative impact will be asked to change by the board in a SMART manner.


In pursuit of its Mission, the Commons will reinvest all profits into the sustainable growth of the Commons and of its members. To this effect, the Machine Commons is a not-for-profit entity. Please note a distinction from a 'non-profit' entity. 

Sustaining our Partners

The Commons will act to support its partners in earning and retaining sustainable profit.

Growth of the Commons

We will treat the business as an organisational algorithm, undertaking optimisations to improve results for our Suppliers and Clients. Eventually, operational decision making and the protocols guiding this decision making will be outsourced to an elected Board of Collective Members. 


The Commons will be entirely transparent to its members unless these endeavours require a mode of discretion in pursuit of our Mission (including financing, investments, operations, member requirements, member auditing procedures and decision making processes).


Cross-pollination of insight, approaches, operations and research will be mandated to ensure market leading innovation across all our Member company services, except where this cross-pollination is to the detriment of the supplying Member.

Commons Democracy

As soon as is feasible, the Commons will establish a democratically elected board (by its Members) to execute and amend this Constitution.

Commons Board

The Board must not include any members who will directly or indirectly benefit (by way of any hard or soft currency, including soft currencies such as favours) from the decisions made by this board.

Board Members

The Board is to include representatives from a variety of disciplines, including ethics, academia, research,  government and a representative of the Collective.

Machine Commons Tokenization

A Machine Commons Token will be developed to:
a) authenticate its members on sign up
b) enable its members to vote on board decisions,

and, ultimately,
c) track the relevant finances of its members
d) report on the finances of the Commons and its Members.

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