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Image by Dave Lowe

Social Good Volunteering.

If you're here, you're probably reasonably happy, not hungry, well looked after, well educated, technically savvy and salaried.


If you're open minded and want to give something back, you're in the right place.

Work beyond your own small environment and take responsibility.

Face new technical challenges tackling meaningful projects.

Educate yourself on practical tasks, improve your CV and accelerate your career.

Build a network with elite professionals in your discipline.

Earn the Machine Commons Volunteer badge! 

Current Projects:

Marine Litter Detection via Satellites

Create an AI computer vision system to identify litter in marine locations from satellite data.

AI-driven App for Evaluation of Urine Strip Tests

Build an open source app that a) uses computer vision to detect colours on a urine analysis pad that corresponds to chemical components; and b) references a knowledge engine to interpret these results and provide preliminary advice on how to improve health.

Our Social Good Partners

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