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Machine Learning Sales Consultant

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Remote Sales Specialist / Machine Learning Consultants 

The Industry 

With the existence of cloud services and open source software libraries, technology has truly democratised: now David can harness the might of Goliath; whether you’re a global consultancy or a startup, everyone has access to the same tools. If anything, the leaner startups employ the best technologies. 

This means that the market of technology service providers has fractured into too many offerings. For every machine learning consultancy servicing an industry, there are a hundred more that look identical.

This creates a highly confusing market space to navigate: who's machine learning proposition do you believe when they all say the same thing? 

The Machine Commons

That's where we come in, servicing a) the market of businesses looking to join the machine leading age, and b) our community of handpicked Machine Commons Service Providers (MCSPs).

The Machine Commons begun life as a private LinkedIn group of machine learning professionals, where experts were interviewed and their insight was published for the benefit of this exclusive online community. It was from talking to these individuals that we realised the need for an agency dedicated to the sales and marketing of a variety of handpicked businesses - so together they could stand out and cross pollinate their collective wisdom. 

The Role

Your role is to build and nurture a network in your selected niche - it can be any niche you would like based on your skills, interest and experience, to consult on and offer the variety of tech services presented by MCSPs. 

You'll understand key client requirements and have sufficient product knowledge of the Machine Commons portfolio, to understand if and where best we can help. 

You’ll benefit from the training and processes established by the Machine Commons to accelerate your ability to connect with your target market. 


The role is 100% commission and uncapped.

Commission is of high value machine learning services (software). 

You will generate passive streams of income that will cumulate over time, as well as immediate commission for sales.

Within reason, there are no minimum hourly requirements - the more you work, the more you earn. We are entirely remote - so you can literally do the entire job on your commute. 

Whilst it could be instant, it’s more likely that it will take up to three months before you’re earning an average wage (yes, from only two hours a week).


Your work must be thoughtful, honest, articulate and strategic.

You have an interest in technology 

Soft skills

- Confident and relaxed conversational tone

- Subject matter knowledge of your niche, such as education, finance, marketing, sales, etc. (you will be trained in Machine Learning)

Hard skills 

- Niche specific jargon and comprehension. 

- Ability to navigate excel spreadsheet formula.

- Creative narrative lead PowerPoint design.

Hygiene factors 

- Consultative style. 

- Strong appetite to learn.

- Attention to detail.

- Compelling negotiation skills.

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