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Strategic Review

Begin your AI journey with a custom strategy

Did you say data?

You know you should extract value from data, but you don't know where to begin.

We can help.

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Reality looks chaotic, to the untrained machine.

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But the more it learns, the more it sees.

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Life is full of patterns.

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Employ Life's Patterns.

Roadmaps begin with direction.

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To find the right supplier, we first need to define the challenge.

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There are four key elements to machine learning consultancy. 

(No matter the size of the consultancy.)


Once you have a strategy, we'll tap into our network of specialists.

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What can you expect from a Strategic Review?

What's included

Guidance of where to channel R&D investment and oversee engineering activity.

An efficient strategy package of 1-5 days to outline what's feasible.

Data environment and processes mapping, aligning capabilities to end-user needs.

Evaluate only relevant opportunities for machine learning methods - 'Use Cases'.

Benefit from a supplier with similar prior experience and established processes.

A directive of where to focus and what other specialist capabilities would be needed.

What is the process of a Strategic Review?


Understand client processes through interviews

Articulate client goals

Catalogue the data environment

Research industry use cases

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Identify and prioritise use cases

Define desired output in measurable terms

Map required data environment for uses cases

Begin your engineering journey

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Buy a Strategic Review

We've split the strategic review journey into four value components: 1) phone consultation, 2) strategy day, 3) opportunity identification, and 4) engineering roadmap.

A successful data strategy must include all four components. 

Our gold package includes all four components, silver the first three and bronze the first two. Each package includes the prior steps free of charge.

That said, we do understand that investing in AI can be a daunting prospect. If you're unsure, you can start with a consultation only. 

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Gold Package: Enterprise Strategic Review.

A full engineering roadmap tailored to your business goals and outlining potential capabilities, with prioritised use cases that leverage state of the art benchmarks discovered in a custom 'what's possible' review.

The full 'Gold: Enterprise Strategic Review' package includes all value components of an initial Phone Consultation, Strategy Day and Opportunity Identification. 

You will walk away from this intensive week with: a full assessment of your technical and process environment, a review of relevant state of the art approaches, a feasibility-checked breakdown of possible machine learning applications, an overarching data strategy and an actionable roadmap to set it all in motion.

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Silver Package: Opportunity Identification.

Uncover possibility with our Opportunity Identification package. Discover the 'lowest hanging fruit' with a practical assessment and prioritisation of AI use cases you could (and should) invest in.

The 'Silver: Opportunity Identification' package includes the value components 'Phone Consultation,' and 'Strategy Day'.

You will walk away from this with a prioritised set of use cases specific to your business environment and desired capabilities. This includes a full assessment of your technical and process environment, matched against a review of relevant state of the art approaches.

You can expect exploratory interviews, a literature review, an end-user pain point analysis and an opportunity identification proposal that highlights next steps.

Others: Strategy Day or Phone Consultation

A Strategy Day is a day of strategy! We match your business against the most appropriate strategic partner.


Note that this includes an initial Phone Consultation free of charge.

If you're still not sure, you can begin with a phone consultation.

Addressing Common Concerns

What is a strategic review? 

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What do we need to prepare beforehand?

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What's the output of a strategic review?

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What if we don't like the supplier?

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Are we refunded if things don't work out?

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Are we locked in to the consultancy?