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Design thinking workshop component for contextual understanding, such as business processes and human interaction requirements. This section is used to define the problem that you're seeking to solve, or map the added capability you want to adopt. 


An IT workshop component helps the supplier understand high level technical infrastructure, so they can perform a feasibility check and provide a roadmap of next steps. This section highlights quick wins from a mapping of general machine learning capabilities against the business environment, avoiding common pitfalls.


Duration: 6 hours. Booking confirmation is required. 


Fully remote session, however physical presence can be requested (may incur travel expense cost). 


Please ensure your organisation brings all key staff related to the area of interest, such as the project champion, technical staff, final user and project manager.


Once purchase is confirmed, Machine Commons will reach out to you to arrange a date.

Bronze: Strategy Day

£3,000.00 Regular Price
£2,700.00Sale Price

    Strategy Packages

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