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A full enterprise data strategy following a full assessment of business context, process audit and review of feasible state of the art applications.


You can expect a full capability proposal, including an outlined technological roadmap, a review of datasets and proposed technology stack.


Includes all sub-components provided in Bronze and Silver Strategic Review packages. 


  • Phone Consultation
    • 1-2 hour call with no cost to understand more about client environment for continued strategic review.
  • Strategic Review
    • Design thinking workshop component for contextual understanding.

    • An IT workshop component helps the supplier understand high level technical infrastructure.

    • Duration: 6 hours.

  • Opportunity Identification 

    • Exploratory interviews, literature review, a pain point analysis.

    • Delivery of an opportunity identification proposal.

    • Duration: 15 hours (2-3 days)

Gold: Enterprise Strategic Review

£8,950.00 Regular Price
£6,265.00Sale Price

    Strategy Packages

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