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Client Value

Benefits of briefing the Collective.

The Machine Commons Service 

There are unique advantages our decentralised consultancy has over larger or independent consultancies.

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Reputation matters.

Reputation is the core value of our brand.


Suppliers are rated against multiple factors internally and our priority is making the right match.

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One brief, a collective response.

Complete our project capturing briefing form, which has been crafted from the experience of multiple consultancies. 

Receive the best responses - collated and curated, from a global network.


Have they solved almost this exact problem before?

Are some technical skills more important than others - what is their core competence?


What is the team composition?

How long have they been in operation and do they have the bandwidth for the project? What is our experience of working with them?


What's the reputation of the business? 

Are they contributors in this field on github? Have they won awards? Do they have experts on industry speakers circuits?


Does the quote reflect the value?

How does it compare with comparative quotes, competitor quotes and all quotes generally seen by MC over time?


There are four key attributes we rank each supplier by. Not every project is the same. We determine critical factors in each project adding commentary suggesting which attributes you should focus on. 

A taxonomised network.

We've worked hard to categorise our suppliers according to their strongest experience.

This helps filter for the supplier most appropriate for the scale, industry, location, complexity and budget of your project.

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Price match guarantee.

Our Terms with Suppliers prevent them from undercutting our price.

So. No middleman fees.

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7. unified presence.png

Centralised account service.

We have experience managing projects across multiple verticals.


Have one point of contact throughout your briefing, selecting and development journey.

Projects tend to 'blow the budget' due to bad project management. 

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A consultancy, decentralised.

We take a holistic view, so will understand if multiple specialists will be required. 

For example, you might combine a lead technology consultancy, a data annotation service, synthetic data provider and a software engineering partner.

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We’ve already done the negotiating for you.


Suppliers know their proposals are directly compared to other proposals, so are incentivized to be competitive.

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Not all suppliers make the cut. We assign industry & niche keywords from our taxonomy of 150+ to invite only relevant responses.


Then we filter for the good ones and only present the best.

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We’ve already iterated with suppliers to ask for missing information. 


We generally clarify their approaches and cross-pollinate the odd idea from our library of historic case studies.

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