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Inspiration Workshop

Companies that recognise the power of AI are building intelligent capabilities into their products, services and operations, deriving competitive advantage.

Large or small, AI will deliver immense value to any organisation. 

The workshop is a complimentary introductory offer.

Combined Intelligence, our strategic partner for UK and Ireland, powers the 'Inspiration Workshop'.


Details at a glance


Led by one of our senior and highly experienced AI evangelists.

Dr Steve Sheppard helps organisations realise the full potential of intelligence technologies. 

He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and a 20 year career managing technologies for blue chip companies.

2 hours

A 2-hour interactive and inspirational workshop on Artificial Intelligence and its potential within your organisation.

If you’re already on your journey we’ll seek to understand where you are and will focus on the opportunities and challenges ahead. If you’ve not started yet, we can focus more on the potential and what you need to get going.

Designed to inspire

You better believe it: organisations that don’t become ‘AI first’ will be left behind.

Achieve transformation at scale overcoming the many challenges and  rapidly changing landscape of available technologies and service offerings.

No matter where you are on your AI journey, we can accelerate your progress.

Cost free

Our free workshops are targeted at UK and Ireland based businesses.

It's designed as an introductory offer and is limited to one per customer.

Currently we run workshops virtually over MS Teams. 


If you’re outside this region, we have alternative 'Strategic Reviews' on offer, starting with a free consultation.

Steve and Alex discuss the innovation workshop, covering what it's designed to do, how it works and the process. 


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