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MC Consulting:
United Kingdom and Ireland


Combined Intelligence believe in intelligent technologies and how they can be smartly combined with people, processes and systems to truly transform customer experience, to optimise business efficiency, to provide real actionable insight and deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

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Build successful AI use-cases that deliver initial benefit to the organisation.

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Scale with advanced examples of AI delivering across the organisation.

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Go beyond simple utilization and evolve into an AI-first and AI-everywhere organisation.

Meet the Experts

Combined Intelligence Ltd was formed with a mission to help organisations successfully apply intelligent technologies to innovate and transform.

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Innovation Workshop

Interactive ‘Inspiration’ virtual workshops

(It's free)

Artificial Intelligence and related intelligent technologies are transforming how we live and work.

  • Companies large and small which recognise this are building intelligent capabilities and deriving competitive advantage.

  • Finding good AI opportunities and successfully executing initiatives is challenging.

  • We run free interactive ‘Inspiration’ virtual workshops designed to help you understand how intelligent technologies can make a real difference within your organisation.

  • A 2-hour interactive workshop on Artificial Intelligence and its potential within your organisation. Led by one of our senior and highly experienced AI evangelists.

MCC Alliance


Registered Address: 130 Old Street, London, EC1 V 9BD


Company Number: 12346017

Combined Intelligence has a strategic alliance with Machine Commons, an international collective of over 130 AI platform, solution and service providers. Machine Commons have proven solutions and the ability to create innovative custom AI solutions across multiple industries.

Combined Intelligence provides consultancy services on behalf of Machine Commons in the UK and Ireland as Machine Commons Consulting (MCC). Enabling us to access not just these solutions but also the network of over 1000 AI experts within the collective.

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