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Predicting Basket Size for Tescos

Project highlights from the Machine Learning Collective

Machine learning ingests 'observations' (data)...

patterns_image.png find patterns. 

These patterns can be used to:

Optimise  |  Categorise  |  Automate  |  Predict


One brief, multiple responses.

Find out what can be done!


Process managed. Price matched.

Boutique machine learning providers at scale.


How the Pitch Process Works


Greater than the sum of our parts

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A centralised sales and marketing team for boutique machine learning consultancies.​

Employ Life's Patterns

Ways to work with the Collective


Premier Consultancy

Where to begin?

Managed consultancy service. Discover which and how intelligent technologies can work for your business.


Brief the Collective

What are the options?

One brief, multiple responses from around the world. Account service managed by the Machine Commons.


Solve a Niche Solution

Know what you want to achieve?

Find the perfect niche service provider. 

Industry Use Cases

Explore our growing library of use cases

Image by National Cancer Institute

Less Repetition in Pharmaceutical Research

Find new drugs faster, build better trials or diagnose rare diseases, with data.

Convert Business Data Into Business Value

Value comes from power. Power comes from knowledge. Knowledge, from information.

Information? From data.

Be More Human, With AI

Our advanced recruitment services partner helps your business have a more human touch.

One-to-One Commerce

Consider the time you spend browsing an online shop. You navigate around and, with each click, you're revealing your intentions.

Are you using those intentions? 


Read the perspective of people who work with machine learning every day

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Welcome to the future of business.