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Engage a Technology Consultancy


One Consultancy,
Many Specialists.

Should you invest in artificial intelligence? 

Enlist the help of our regional strategic consultancy partners to understand what you could be doing with AI - and whether you should.


Our strategic alliance partners will help you prioritise AI against the wider context of applying other advanced technologies. 

Strategic Review

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Begin your AI journey with a custom strategy.

You know you should extract value from data, but you don't know where to begin. Once you have a strategy, we can tap into our network of specialists for delivery.

Evaluate only relevant opportunities and receive guidance of how to channel R&D investment. Receive a mapping of your data environment and benefit from a directive of where to focus.


Brief the Collective


One Brief, Multiple Responses.

If you already know what you want to achieve with machine learning, then complete the briefing form to initiate our Pitch Process. 


The Pitch Process invites relevant members to submit a short proposal. This is a great way of understanding your options at different price points from partners all around the world. 


Solve a Niche Requirement

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Do you have a highly specific challenge you want to solve?

Many of our Suppliers solve a highly specific solution. In fact, a boutique business is often formed from the solving a unique challenge.

We've worked hard to taxonomise our suppliers  and keep records of all niche applications provided by specialist consultancies. 

The Machine Commons was conceived as a journalistic entity, engaging with a wide variety of highly innovative businesses and skilled freelancers across a range of technology-focused industries.

Over time, we realised the market for machine learning solutions had fractured due to the limited start-up cost. We saw that the best minds in the business needed help finding their market. That’s where we come in. 

We’ve collected technology service businesses, organising them and establishing centralised processes. Our small fee is collected from the supplier so your service quote will remain unaffected.

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