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The Machine Commons is designed to be as lean as possible.


Central sales and operations are performed by the following individuals. 

Executive Leadership Team


Alex Carruthers - Wellington & London

Chief Executive Officer

I'm a vocal advocate for machine learning with a passion for understanding people and helping businesses 'react to the unhappened'.

I founded the Machine Commons when I noticed that leading consultancies had the brand - but not the innovation, and that boutiques had the innovation - but not the brand. 

My background is as a creative and digital media strategist, with a marketing philosophy built on 'identity'.

“Make no mistake, ML will leave no stone unturned in its radical progression of every industry.” 


Michael Dall - Auckland & Singapore

Chief Financial Officer

I’m an accomplished business expansion professional with a wealth of operational experience across a range of businesses and many industries.


In recent years I’ve primarily looked after financial aspects, fulfilling the role of CFO at multiple large organisations, with a background career themed around strategy and general management.


As the Machine Commons’ CFO, my role is to ensure operational excellency and contribute to the overall strategic direction, enabling the successful global expansion of the machine learning collective.


Rasmus Lyhne - Munich & Aarhus

Sales, Business Advisor

A seasoned sales strategist and serial business director, I open up markets for expanding businesses.


An extensive network and speaking multiple languages has been instrumental to my ability to foster near instant growth across multiple markets.


Since 2005 I’ve worked in digital transformation and I played a large role in some of Europe's largest businesses adopting data warehousing techniques.

I advice Machine Commons on business development. 

Central Team


Tim Hintz - New York

Chief Technology Officer

I'm a passionate science communicator and experienced technical writer who has turned his attention to the field of Machine Learning.

As Technical Coordinator for the Commons, I strive to convert complex solutions into best business practices by interfacing with clients and listening to their needs. 

I am skilled in communication, Neuropsychology and team building, with a First Class Honors and Bachelor of Science (BSc (Hons)) focused in Neuropharmacology from University of Otago. 

"Those things that we must learn before doing are learnt by doing."


Ondrej Nenadl - Groningen

Machine Learning Consultant - Additive Manufacturing

I have over a decade of experience with technology transfer, solving applied industrial problems directly and acting as an intermediary between the corporate world and academic researchers.

Leveraging my public-private networks, I connect members of the Collective with business opportunities and take lead when conversations grow technical or involve physics and material science. 

My PhD in applied physics lead me to enjoy years of hands-on work with cutting edge research projects.

When not following the latest tech innovations, I love photography, creative writing and trying new sports.


Paddy Lynch - London

Machine Learning Consultant - Commerce

Driven business development manager with a strong technical understanding of SaaS & B2B software. 

Originally from New Zealand, I moved to London late in 2018 to accelerate my career progression.

When I’m not in the office you’ll find me consuming the latest content from Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferriss. I have a passion for self-improvement and am continuing to expand my knowledge in the areas of psychology, fitness and nutrition. 


Mehmet Şimşek - Istanbul

Machine Learning Consultant - Supply Chain / Logistics

I've worked with data for over 20 years, notably for the military and including a deployment in Afghanistan. The army is an organization like any other: wherever there are logistics, systems, or functions, there is data.

My responsibility is to understand key client requirements and guide businesses through the Machine Commons portfolio.

A lifelong learner with a passion for data and machine learning!

I have a passion for dealing with data and data visualization. I find it very adventurous to get insight from data and, finally I am good at making the data “talk”.

I'm here to manage suppliers and client projects, turning a philosophy into a business. I'm an entrepreneur who takes great interest in the field of data science and programming, with a focus on machine learning.

I started two businesses in the programming and analysis space while studying - one failed and one still performs strongly to date. I believe in trial and error.

My strength is in building businesses that have simple and pragmatic solutions, based on smart technical foundations. 

"Just keep on going!"

Internal Coordinator

Sander Poeltuijn - Amsterdam

General enquiry

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