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The Machine Commons is designed to be as lean as possible.


Central sales and operations are performed by the following individuals. 

Executive Leadership Team

Leading the world's largest decentralised machine learning consultancy.


Alex Carruthers - Auckland & London

Chief Executive Officer

I'm a vocal advocate for machine learning with a passion for understanding people and helping businesses 'react to the unhappened'.

I founded the Machine Commons when I noticed that leading consultancies had the brand - but not the innovation, and that boutiques had the innovation - but not the brand. 

My background is as a creative and digital media strategist, with a marketing philosophy built on 'identity'.

“Make no mistake, ML will leave no stone unturned in its radical progression of every industry.” 

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Fatma Souayah - Lisbon

Head of International Client Relations

I'm a Chemical Engineer by training and published researcher, with a fascination for all things technology, 3D modelling and artificial intelligence.

I manage client relations for the Machine Commons, helping to categorise and channel business interest to the relevant arm of the Machine Commons network. 

I've spent my recent years in Portugal, where I fell in love with the people, wine and the dance. 

How can I help?

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Dr Steve Sheppard - London

Lead Technology Consultant / MCC UK

Ondrej Photo.jpg

Ondrej Nenadl - Groningen

Head of Technical Consultancy Network

I'm a material physicist and look after all manufacturing related projects at the Machine Commons, as well as managing the extended network of Technical Consultants.

I have over a decade of experience managing and coordinating projects involving technology transfer from R&D to industry. I understand the practical requirements to ensure ideas become successful in delivery.

My technical expertise in material science, metals, surfaces, coatings, adhesion, lasers, optics, microscopy, soft matter and biomimetics.

I'm CEO of Combined Intelligence - MCC's strategic partner for the UK and Ireland.


I use artificial intelligence, intelligent process automation, smart devices and other related emerging technologies to transform how organisations operate, add intelligence to products and services and to innovate, achieving differentiation and growth.

Wherever I am, I seek to deliver transformation, innovation and growth through the intelligent application of technology. In all my work, I combine a breadth of business, operational, product and delivery experience.

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Want to join the team?

We're always looking for:

Technical Consultants to join our growing network, representing our Collective of machine learning solution providers in their industries, clients and regions. 

Consultancies in non-ML fields, who are interested in reselling our Collective services beneath your consultancy brand. 

Sales Consultants who want to activate their networks and help their contacts make progress on their AI Journey.

Extended Team

Lucie Schnitzer


Podcast Host

Kiran Sonar

Asia Pacific

Computer Vision Consultant - Reseller

Sander Poeltuijn


Internal Coordinator

Marc Bara


Project Management Advisor - Reseller

Tim Hintz

North America

Technical Advisor

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