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Warehousing and port utilisation optimisation

Warehousing and port utilisation optimisation


Business Intelligence

Business Challenge
Improperly planned business bottlenecks and peak hours/days resulted in losses and unsatisfied customers. The company wanted to have a better and more accurate plan for resources, warehouses and port utilisation in an advanced way.

Supplier Solution
A predictive analytics model was implemented to improve the supply chain by accurately collecting and analysing data that help make management decisions. It helps to address issues like damaged inventory, stock errors, supply and demand miscalculations. In addition, predictive capabilities now allow accurately analysing traffic patterns, resource allocation, and weather events affecting shipping and port behaviour.

The created algorithm now ensures maximum utilisation of assets with tight control on wastage. It helps to understand possible pick hours and prepare for them accordingly.

Implemented solution results in reduced cost, on-time deliveries, and a delightful customer experience.
The solution provides the organisation with a full range of insights and information about the organisation’s condition. It also helps to make the right critical decisions.


Supply Chain and Logistics



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