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Welcome to the API Economy

“I think the future will definitely develop to an API economy.”

Andreas co-founded TechWolf, a wolf at the door of recruitment firms. Gulp.

We live in a world of middlemen; many see them as a necessary evil.

Middlemen are, by definition, not experts of the businesses on either side. Less middlemen, greater effectiveness, but only if the two parties can meet efficiently.

“We don’t deliver anything. We’re an API service. We make customer specific tech.”

Cloud computing? Cloud coding. Lines of code are now outsourced to highly specialised companies.

Where does one business end and the next begin?

Great niche, behind the scenes of job boards.

“It’s terribly inefficient for companies to be developing the same thing.”

“We help deliver relevant jobs to visitors.”

“70,000 skills embedded in vector space. Using these, we construct a competence fingerprint. We match this to the competence fingerprint of jobs or training or whatever you’d like.”

They’re working on more use cases.

“Learning management, you can evaluate what skills are missing for a vacancy, we can recommend online courses, certifications, training. A whole new market we’re ready to explore!” To me, this sounds the best angle – humans need a human touch, but skills are more objective.

Welcome to the API economy.

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