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Outsource your work to a vetted talent pool

Spending too much time looking for freelancers, collecting quotes from agencies, and juggling between external suppliers?

If you have work that needs to be completed to the highest standard possible, within your budget, and on time, then Projekt Rising is the solution.

One contact, one contract, all your work delivered by us.

Thanks to their proprietary project management technology, 40+ years' project management experience, and their pre-vetted global talent pool, they are able to do all the work that you don't have the time or resources for.

- Marketing & Sales
- Creative
- Tech

Your success depends on customer acquisition and retention.

they build you bespoke marketing, creative, and tech strategies and then they implement them using their successful and forward-thinking business model, which ensures industry experts and niche specialists work collaboratively with you on your business growth.


Core Industry


Core Service

Project Management


Cambridgeshire, UK

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