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Matrix AI

Fast and accurate confirmation of a person’s identity

Matrix AI has a consulting arm and product arm.

On their consulting side, they're an end to end software development company. They've worked on large scale (multi-terabyte) deep neural network computer vision systems for the solar regulation industry. For example classifying photographic evidence such as solar inverters and identifying solar panels from aerial and satellite photography. They've procured and installed machine learning hardware, orchestrated machine learning cloud platforms, developed their own pipelines, and machine learning frontends for end-users.

On their product side, they're specialised in AI-based cloud orchestration (docker, wireguard, AWS, configuration language, nix) and decentralised cybersecurity software focused on cryptography and secrets management.

They've used tensorflow, dask, the entire python ecosystem, Nix, NVIDIA CUDA to build computer vision machine learning pipelines. they've developed implementations direct from research papers such as MaskRCNN, Unary Image Classification and more. they've also developed machine learning training material delivered to senior engineers working at fortune 500 companies.


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Advanced Machine Learning Solutions


Sydney, Australia

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