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Optimising omnichannel marketing and increase physician engagement

Cantab π are focused primarily on life sciences, with a "Machine Learning as a Service platform" for optimising sales and marketing actions in pharma. This singular focus of applying data to online marketing in the life sciences domain has arguably rendered them the best in the world at what they do: stimulating doctor engagement.

The platform includes:
- A bespoke data model integrating multiple internal and external data sources
- AI "predictors" predicting probability of engagement of a customer (typically a health care professional)
- Integration layers for a plug and play experience

they are successfully serving several brands of one of the top 5 largest global pharma companies, globally.

they have several further legacy ML/AI algorithms and data services also deployed at customers in retail banking (related to transactional data), and hospitality (predicting cancellations, and optimizing capacity). their belief that the key for successful deployment of ML/AI for B2B use cases (driven mainly on tabular data), is:
- Encoding business knowledge into a bespoke data structure; with integrated multiple data sources
- Agile ML/AI, developed and deployed in multiple iterations with rigorous measuring of results
- Relentless focus on delivering business value ("impact to the bottom line").

they have developed several industry-leading and award winning AI models by deploying this approach.


Core Industry

Life Sciences

Core Service

Machine Learning as a Service


Cambridge, UK

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