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Avant Data Solutions

Machine learning consultancy with domain expertise in mining and resource engineering

A bespoke data science, data analytics, and machine learning consultancy that specializes in providing services to the mining and resource sector. The company offers a unique value proposition of leveraging domain expertise in engineering to achieve amazing results for its clients. The company employs machine learning where it makes sense and where it will excel, with a focus on data quality as well as validation.

Their core tech stack is built around Python and Pytorch, which are used to build and deploy custom solutions depending on the specific requirements of each project. Additionally, the company can also utilize cloud machine learning platforms as needed. The company's expertise in engineering enables it to provide tailored solutions that address specific challenges in the mining and resource sector.

By leveraging machine learning, the company can help clients improve operational efficiency, optimize resource utilization, and reduce costs. The company's data analytics solutions can help clients make data-driven decisions, leading to improved performance and profitability. Overall, their focus on leveraging domain expertise in engineering, coupled with its capabilities in data science, data analytics, and machine learning, enables it to provide innovative solutions that can help clients achieve amazing results in the mining and resource sector.


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Data Infrastructure and Analytics


Perth, Australia

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