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In-house intelligent audience analytics platform

In-house intelligent audience analytics platform


eCommerce & Marketing

Business Challenge
An influencer marketing platform wanted to create solution for influencer audience demographics analysis. There was a need for additional features and a deeper analysis of audience. Financial factors were also important, as the solution needed to be more cost effective than a 3rd party vendor.

Supplier solution
Our supplier developed a machine learning solution which extracts and processes data from various social media sources using Big Data techniques. With the help of custom OCR (optical character recognition) enhanced by Machine learning models, the solution automatically extracts knowledge from text and images. The system is able to analyse metrics such as age, ethnicity, interests, brands, sentiment, mood and behaviour. Deep learning techniques were used to analyze needed information from video or pictures.

The system helped the client, in a flexible way, manage influencer audience analysis and receive more precise results with decreased cost. In the long term custom solution delivered a competitive advantage.


Influencer Marketing



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