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Fuel consumption optimisation in logistics

Fuel consumption optimisation in logistics


Business Intelligence

Business Challenge
Client has more than 550 vehicles in the fleet and have been presenting deviations in fuel consumption on the same route, truck and cargo.
The goal was to reduce fuel consumption deviations.
Data was in Silos: Telemetry, SAP, Oracle TMS.
Drivers need “Flight Plan” in real-time without being invasive to their normal operations. There was poor internet signal across some routes.

Supplier Solution
The supplier built a Digital Twin with an optimization model.
Their model could calculate the optimal route following the analysis of 1.5 years of data (+ 100M data points) and defined the critical variables that influence fuel consumption.
They created 2 dashboards: 1 for drivers and the other for Logistics management, sending recommendations for every trip segment to optimize the driver’s performance using visual and voice recommendations.


Supply chain management


Confidential [bottling manufacturer]

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