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A 'CFO 4.0 Solution' financial planning platform

A 'CFO 4.0 Solution' financial planning platform


Financial Services

Client problem
The client needed a ‘CFO 4.0 solution’ for global operations (including financial modelling, portfolio management for global subsidiaries, budgeting, planning and reporting. Their aim was to bring all the financial data silos under one framework. They were after a fully digitised platform for easier cloud based decision making.

Supplier solution
The automation platform brought real time data collation and analysis across the entire organization.
With so much information, the crucial aspect to decision making becomes filtering for the most relevant information and delivering appropriate insights. An AI advisory algorithm provided relevant, critical feedback to the stakeholders.
Enterprise mobility was enabled for ‘anytime, anywhere’ easy accessibility - data insights at employee fingertips.
1) Real time, timely insights and advisory led to better decision making for financial planning and budgeting for their global operations.
2) Digitisation led to error-free integration and insights of all their organization’s global financial data. It ensured better cost savings, avoid over the budget spendings on research ventures and led to savings worth millions of dollars in every region.


Organisational planning



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