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Human Resources

Technology Enhanced Recruitment

Sourcing and recruitment, or Learning and Development; our partner supercharges your internal hiring process invisibly. 

The first lesson every recruiter must learn is how to 'CV scan', to shortlist CVs against relevant job descriptions. Imagine if that was automated.

Improve Your Human Touch

Removing bias and time from the hiring process

Filtering Submissions

Manual screening isn't an option

The average corporate job receives 200+ applications. That's such common knowledge, no citation is required. 

It's no longer possible to give each CV the human touch it arguably deserves.

Ironically, you can improve your human touch by machine. 

Skill Selection is a Skill

Jargon exists for a reason

In IT recruitment, most recruiters come from a degree or field of interest that has absolutely nothing to do with the area they end up recruiting for. 

The result? Misunderstood candidates and the time of clients wasted.

In industries built on hard skills, Machine Learning is the perfect technology for scanning and contextually understanding the value of jargon. 

Mentioning a word often enough won't fool our partner's system as it would a boolean search or manual checker. 

Skills Lead Filtering

Finding needles in a haystack

The old school idea of 'hiring for fit' is a myth well and truly debunked. It leads to narrow minded, socially driven teams.

The new age has brought with it an incredible fracturing of skills. Like in academia, a highly specific technical skill set is required to achieve expert status.

This means the pool of people for each skill is drastically smaller.

Would you hire a human or build a machine to find a needle in a haystack? 

Use All Available Data

Stop hiring with your gut!

Skilled recruiters assess candidate fit by scanning all available information. Our partner's software can be fed multiple data sources to help it make the best recommendations.  

They look over their CV and LinkedIn profile for relevant technical experience, checking for and - where able - contacting references. They get a feel for the person in the way they describe themselves, their skills and their career. 

Machines will never replace a human in candidate control, however they do learn to spot patterns in all of the above and, unlike humans, quantitatively cluster that against later job performance. 

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