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AI-driven App for Evaluation of Urine Strip Tests

Closing date is

15 Sept 2023

Build an open source app that a) uses computer vision to detect colours on a urine analysis pad that corresponds to chemical components; and b) references a knowledge engine to interpret these results and provide preliminary advice on how to improve health.

AI-driven App for Evaluation of Urine Strip Tests




Project Status

We are currently in an ideation phase where we try to conceptualize this app and define the corresponding project

What's needed

Ideally, we would need volunteers who has background in medicine and computer vision. But if you have experience in one of these domains and have motivation to help improve health of poorest, you are welcome! 😊

Why it's important

In many regions of the world, it is difficult to get access to even basic healthcare incl. general and preventive examinations. The poorest are affected by this problem disproportionately.
One cheep and accessible way for these people to evaluate their health status could be urine strip tests. These tests comprise 10-20 different chemical pads that can measure different chemical components of urine providing the tester with insights about his/her health situation. Thereby the pads change their color that can be mapped to a particular measurement value of the considered chemical component.
While these tests are very suitable to help people in regions with bad access to healthcare get insights about their health status, they have two main drawbacks:
1. It is not always easy to map the resulting color of a chemical pad to the considered measured value
2. For non-medical persons, the results of the measurements are difficult to interpret

What you'll learn

• Improve your computer vision skills in the domain of color recognition
• Improve your knowledge about interdisciplinary application of data science and medicine
• Learn to think out of the box applying high-tech to help solve fundamental humanitarian problems

How to apply?

AI-driven App for Evaluation of Urine Strip Tests
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