Innovation Workshop

Companies that recognise the power of AI are building intelligent capabilities into their products, services and operations, deriving competitive advantage.


Large or small, AI will deliver immense value to any organisation. 

Combined Intelligence, our strategic partner for UK and Ireland, powers the 'Innovation Workshop'.


Details at a glance

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Specific Initiatives



Build a successful AI programme and capability.



Scale existing programmes and moving towards a firm-wide scale of adoption.



Evolve your organisation’s DNA to be an AI-first company.

Understanding the Journey

The journey can be broken down into three key phases – build, scale and evolve; see further detail below. 


  • If you’re already on your journey we’ll seek to understand where you are and will focus on the opportunities and challenges ahead.

  • If you’ve not started yet, we can focus more on the potential and what you need to get going.

1) Build

Transitioning from identifying the need through to building successful AI use-cases that deliver initial benefit to the organisation.


Recognising the need for artificial intelligence across the organisation.



Setting an incremental vision for AI and the benefits expected to be achieved.


Demonstrating the potential through initial pilots and innovation activities.

Want some ideas?

Check out the Machine Commons Use Case section.

2) Scale

Making the step from an initial collection of AI use-cases to operating at scale with advanced examples of AI delivering the full range of benefits across the organisation.


Siloed groups within the organisation start, focusing exploration on individual AI use-cases.


A community connects separated groups to start the process of sharing knowledge and experience of AI implementations.


A departmental initiate brings together groups working on AI adoption and looks to share skills, processes and tools.


A departmental governance for AI adoption starts to form and defines initial procedures and best practice.

3) Evolve

Going beyond simple utilization and evolving towards an AI-first and AI-everywhere organisation.


Utilising AI across the organisation, front and back office for all departments.


Thinking AI first when implementing new use-cases, services and products.


Completing the retro fit of AI capabilities across all functions and processes.


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