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Predict equipment failures before they happen

A fully automated, completely integrated software as a service (SaaS) platform to help engineers use AI to reduce costs.

The auto-AI system enables engineers and subject matter experts to rapidly build no-code AI models of their industrial equipment, processes or plant. The models can be automatically put into operation in the platform, refreshing and updating the customer with model predictions.

VROC ingests the customer's real-time and historic data into their data hub, distributed data historian, through which the customer can build their own dashboards, create alerts, monitor their operations and do data analysis.

At VROC they don't rely on model libraries, their approach is to holistically analyse all available data. Users can build models in minutes using the model wizard including, predicting when the next failure or undesirable event will occur, predict what a value will be in the future, identify the root cause of an event, identify when equipment or process is degrading or not operating correctly, predict when equipment maintenance is required.

VROC's private data centre is scaled to customer require ingestion and run-time speeds, includes unlimited users and model generation.


Core Industry

Industrial big data

Core Service

Predictive Maintenance


Perth, Australia

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