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People analytics services is a data science consulting firm with over 50 years of experience in helping organizations implement practical solutions to realize business value. Their services include people analytics, data strategy, data analytics, and data engineering, with a focus on operationalizing analytical solutions in cloud environments.'s people analytics services help business leaders make informed decisions on employee retention, burnout, and other employee outcomes by aggregating disparate data sources, applying algorithms, and visualizing the data in an online dashboard. The company also uses machine learning to uncover hidden patterns in employee behavior that have an impact on organizational outcomes.

In addition to people analytics, provides customer and marketing analytics services, using machine learning to find the best customers to speak to, through what channels, with what message, and when. Their data analytics services expand across multiple domains, and their key differentiator is finding practical solutions that balance commercial outcomes rather than focusing solely on technical solutions. also offers data engineering services, with deep experience in operationalizing analytical solutions in cloud environments. Their services include data architecture, data visualization, segmentation, measurement, data commercialization, and data strategy.

Overall,'s expertise in people analytics, customer analytics, marketing analytics, personalization, data strategy, cloud engineering, data engineering, data architecture, data visualization, segmentation, measurement, and data commercialization make it a valuable partner for businesses seeking to leverage data science to drive business value.


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Data Strategy, Analytics, Engineering, People Analytics


Sydney, Australia

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