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Machine Learning for practical use

Scantek is relatively domain agnostic - their technology makes it easier to securely collect personal data for new customers using state of the art bio-metric verification and accurate document capture. They accelerate on-boarding and provide customers a seamless experience to provide documents and approvals. They integrate with 3rd Party systems and/or hold data securely in accordance with regulatory requirements.

* Banking and Finance: fast and accurate confirmation of a person’s identity and integration into 3rd Party systems. Clients use verified identities to prevent fraud and comply with anti-money laundering regulation, while operating under the highest standards of information security management and improving customer experience.

* Conveyancing and Real Estate: Scantek’s ARNECC compliant solution captures, creates and stores VOI requirements instantly, exportable into one central report.

* Retail sector: Scantek has a proven history of reducing the risk of fraud, with low times to startup and secure storage of personal information.

* Nightlife and Venue Entry sectors: theyproduce solutions that allows venues to verify patrons and comply with local and national standards around patron management and responsible alcohol service.

* Government: they produce solutions that service regional and remote communities for alcohol service management and other applications.

Their use of machine learning is incidental in service of creating a process that ensures a great user experience and accurate verification of identity. They use many computer vision and natural language processing techniques to detect, capture, classify and extract information from unstructured identity documents and present the extract information in a standardised structured format.

They use machine learning techniques for accurate bio-metric comparison and real-time liveness detection that can detect and respond to presentation attacks such as impersonation, masking and spoofing.


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Identity Verification


Perth, Australia

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