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Squadra Machine Learning Company

Software suite for optimisation of marketing budgets

Squadra Machine Learning Company provide smart AI and machine learning solutions for the industries of manufacturers (brands), wholesale and retail in the areas of product data management, supply chain optimization and e-commerce.

Their software saves costs and increases revenue by automating the process of getting rich product information, optimizing purchases and stock, and increases the findability of products and personalising the customer journey.

Product data management: they auto classify products into a Product structure, extract features of products from images, textual descriptions and internet websites, they convert Product data to the required standard (eg Amazon, GR1, ETIM) and automatically detect errors in the Product data and correct these.
Supply chain optimization: they use AI to product the demand for products, generate purchasing advices and optimize the stock levels for balancing costs vs availability.

E-commerce: they generate unique SEO optimized Product descriptions, translate to multiple languages, auto detect related products like accessories and variants, analyse reviews and customer satisfaction reports, recommend products to customer profiles and use AI for an unbeaten search result.


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Predictive Business Solutions


Oss, Netherlands

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