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ML lead consultancy to build, integrate, and operate data platforms

Klarrio is a professional services company that specializes in ML engineering, real-time data ingestion and exchange platforms, distributed computing, streaming applications, DevOps, AWS, Azure, Spark, Kafka, and Scala. They build, integrate, and operate data platforms and pipelines for both "real-time" and batch, as well as develop machine learning applications to create insight from data. Their focus is on building large-scale and operational platforms and applications using open source tools and frameworks, and implementing their solutions in the cloud. They work across industries and use technologies such as Scala, Python, Golang, Spark, Kubernetes, Docker, CI/CD, Terraform, Ansible, and more.

Klarrio deploys machine learning across a range of use cases, such as predicting and classifying things, replicating human capabilities more efficiently, segmenting, clustering, and grouping things, making recommendations, and discovering root causes of outcomes. They have experience across a range of ML algorithms and deploying ML-enabled applications into scalable solutions. All of their applications are containerized, and they are paid time and material for the intellectual property they build, which is owned by their clients.


Core Industry

IT Services and Consulting

Core Service

Data Engineering, Data Science, Infra and Automation, Site Reliability Engineering


Sydney, Australia

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