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AI for better decision-making in real-time.

JanusKS is an innovative AI software company with a global presence, operating out of its offices in Melbourne, Australia and Tokyo, Japan. The company is focused on developing Intelligent Decision Support Systems that enable businesses to make better decisions in real-time, by providing them with the most relevant and actionable insights.

JanusKS utilizes a range of cutting-edge AI technologies, including Machine Learning (ML), heuristics, graph databases, predictive analysis, temporal analysis, and more. Its flagship product, Projectal, is aimed at the entertainment sector and creative industries, and has been widely adopted by leading corporations globally. Projectal incorporates a range of advanced features such as ML, heuristics, graph databases, temporal analysis, and trend analysis, which allow users to improve operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

With a clear vision of being the market leader in Intelligent Decision Support Systems, JanusKS is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI, helping businesses worldwide stay ahead of the curve.


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Intelligent Decision Support Systems


Melbourne, Australia

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