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Dynamic and interactive next-generation documents to replace PDFs

InfoSlips is a document management company that specializes in creating dynamic and interactive documents to enhance customer communication experience management. The company provides next-generation documents that are more engaging and easier to navigate for the reader, incorporating features such as machine learning, hyperlinks, forms, and rich media content. These interactive elements can help businesses improve efficiency by reducing the time spent searching for information in static documents. Moreover, InfoSlips' dynamic documents can be easily accessible for users with disabilities through the use of alternative text and adjustable font sizes.

InfoSlips' next-generation documents can help businesses to increase engagement by using personalized video and other interactive elements to hold the reader's attention. This can help businesses enhance collaboration, improve customer satisfaction, and make better decisions. InfoSlips' innovative approach to customer correspondence can help businesses reinvent their traditional customer experience, whether in print or digital form. With InfoSlips, businesses can leverage dynamic and interactive documents to improve efficiency, enhance collaboration, increase engagement, and make better decisions.


Core Industry

Financial Services

Core Service

Platform for billing, payslips, and documents


Chicago, US

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