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AI-based shortlisting platform for employers of high volume entry-level roles

GradSift is a recruitment platform that offers an AI-driven approach to shortlisting candidates for graduate recruitment programs. It assesses candidate's performance levels, relevance to employers, and indicators of behavioral skills across their academics, work experiences, and extra-curricular activities. GradSift replicates the process of an experienced graduate recruiter to evaluate thousands of candidates in seconds, thereby saving recruiters time and effort.

Employers can benchmark their hired candidates against the pool of applicants to identify the attributes that set them apart, helping them target their marketing communications and assessments to identify likely hires early in the process.

GradSift offers its services to all industries and aims to provide a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable recruitment process to its clients.


Core Industry

Human Resources

Core Service

College Recruitment Shortlisting Platform


Sydney, Australia

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