GILO Technologies

Applications that summarize, classify, highlight, and visualize text

GILO Technologies builds software applications that summarize, classify, highlight, and visualize text. Their tagline, "Garbage In. Logic Out.", is a twist on the "Garbage In. Garbage Out,".

Their mission is to help EVERYONE articulate and convey their ideas and understand the context of any information. Their MVP – the GILO app - expects to reduce the time it takes to write high-impact papers from 10 days to 1 day. Early adopters love their web-based word processor because of its unique research and logic features. Writers gain access to scholarly definitions, analyze highly-cited source material on any subject, see when writing is off-topic, rebuild flawed arguments by checking for errors in logic and create short abstracts.

All targeted feedback is personalized. To drive their superior recommendation results, their team of NLP specialists fine-tune their own AI models. Company-specific language can be integrated. Their small team of natural language processing specialists fine-tune state-of-the-art models to drive superior recommendation results.


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Natural Language Processing


Rijswijk, Netherlands

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