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AIOps for operations, smart manufacturing, and business intelligence.

FojiSoft is a provider of AIOps solutions for businesses and factory floors. Their platform uses machine learning to analyze time series data and predict metrics ranging from inventory to machine maintenance, while also detecting abnormal changes in real time to keep operations running smoothly. For businesses, FojiSoft offers an AI-based time-series forecasting service that can diagnose anomalies in both business and operational data.

For IT departments, FojiSoft's AI can detect irregular operating trends in infrastructure and application data, helping to spot potential issues before they become problematic. And for industrial applications, FojiSoft uses machine learning to identify abnormal behavior in equipment and provide predictive maintenance, helping to avoid costly unplanned downtime. With FojiSoft's suite of AIOps tools, companies can improve their operations, avoid disruptions, and make more informed decisions using predictive analytics and business intelligence.


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Business Intelligence AIOps Platform


Utah, US

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