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Powerful AI Search to give you real value from your images and the ability to organize them with ease

EMRAYs work in the DAM industry and provide DAM vendors with an AI that solves 3 big challenges.

Finding exact and close duplicate images and files. Search, which they can do using images, image urls and text all without any metadata. Their AI searches using only visual and language clues, just like they do. Instant organisation of images to allow you to create a taxonomy that works.

They are already working with Bynder,, Dropbox and Woodwing. EMRAYS is a proprietary technology based on an in-house trained neural network feature extractor that understands the differences and similarities of the wide variety of business-related visuals which are important in real life – it is very different from any general purpose auto tagging and categorisations.

For example, EMRAYS AI Search can help find images by using other images (aka visual search but more powerful because it allows you to select multiple images to construct search queries); it helps spot duplicates and close matches across different formats, resolutions, rotations, cropping and colour alterations; it can automatically group images into distinct clusters using continuous visual similarity metrics and creates interactive 2D or 3D charts to visualise natural taxonomy of collections of images.

One of the unique technical characteristics of EMRAYS AI is its speed - it can perform search queries across hundreds of thousands of visual assets in a fraction of a second because of its own javascript engine that efficiently leverages edge computing.


Core Industry

Digital Asset Management

Core Service

AI Search for Digital Asset Management


Amsterdam, Netherlands

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