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The Do Good Only Company

Where tech, diversity, social impact, ethics, software development and engineering cross

DoGoodOnly build ethical and inclusive data and AI communities with the workforce of today for a more just and equitable tomorrow for all.

In their SkillsUP Lab program, they run an open to all training that teaches practical data science and AI skills. Once their students complete their training, they employee them for their first year so they are directly using their new skills and adding to a data and AI workforce that reflects all of society.

For clients, they build: tech MVPs for female founders and social impact founders, data services for organizations without data teams (cleaning to custom visualization and modeling), ethical and responsible technology, preparation for AI, refining existing models for companies and many more.

Their expertise lies in the areas where tech, diversity, social impact, ethics, software development and engineering cross. They use machine learning to help highlight social problems - like discrimination in the labor market, measuring real impact of organizations vs funds received, matching employer values to potential employee and other questions that make us think.

The also work on more mainstream cases, such as helping customers get better insight into their own habits and practices.


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Technology Upskilling


Rotterdam, Netherlands

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