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CAE Tech

Efficient manufacturing through Infinitive's 3D CAD and AI.

CAE Tech is a SaaS platform that offers efficient solutions for the manufacturing industry. Its flagship product, Infinitive, leverages cloud technology, 3D, and AI technologies to enable the design, sales, and manufacturing of build-to-order and mass-customizable products. Infinitive's parameterized 3D CAD design serves as a single source of truth, allowing manufacturers to meet the demand for bespoke products in a sustainable way. By communicating configurable and versioned product data to customers and supply chain partners, products can be made on-demand, to the customer's specifications, and in the desired location.

CAE Tech supports manufacturers of build-to-order or mass-customizable products with online configurators and manufacturing technologies, including algorithms for the optimization of manufacturing processes, such as graph theory, Bayesian optimization, and genetic algorithms. The platform's expertise in 3D CAD data enables manufacturers to satisfy a greater range of customers by encompassing all possible variations of the product. With Infinitive, manufacturers can overcome manufacturing limitations and meet the demand for custom products while improving sustainability.


Core Industry

Smart Manufacturing

Core Service

SaaS Platform for Customizable Smart Manufacturing


England, UK

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