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AI technology consulting firm that specialises in niche product engineering areas

Atalgo is a technology consulting firm that specializes in niche product engineering areas, including AI strategy, product management, application development, DevOps, and data engineering. The company has a strong focus on NLP, business intelligence, and predictive analytics, primarily in marketing.

Atalgo's unique methodology for enterprise AI applications prioritizes business value realization over technology. This approach involves first analyzing the current state, data quality, and the client's expected business goals before employing the toolsets and developing platforms. By integrating machine learning within the eco-system of business value realization, Atalgo ensures that businesses achieve the desired outcomes.

In addition to AI augmented BI, sense-making, and predictive modeling, Atalgo offers product engineering, digital transformation, and DevOps services. By combining AI technology with expertise in product engineering and digital transformation, Atalgo helps businesses optimize their processes, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

Overall, Atalgo's focus on AI strategy, product management, application development, DevOps, and data engineering, coupled with its unique approach to enterprise AI applications, makes it a valuable partner for businesses seeking to leverage AI technology to drive business value.


Core Industry

Software Development

Core Service

Product Engineering methodology and management


Perth, Australia

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