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AI-enabled vision for autonomous robotics

AIIM is a solution provider for cutting-edge 'scene understanding' software that enables AGV and AMR OEMs to build their next generation of mobile robotics.

Robotics that are more adaptive, easier and faster to deploy or repurpose, through a better understanding of dynamically changing environments and without the need for dedicated, well-defined infrastructure.

They combine cutting-edge AI and computer vision technology derived from the automotive industry with deep engineering expertise and creativity to develop simple and pragmatic solutions to complex problems. They efficiently utilize their capability building blocks, combining them into a solution ready to be integrated into a mobile robotics platform.

They bridge the gap from task completion and decision making based on predefined heuristics towards problem-solving, learning and adapting to dynamic environments - all integrated on-the-edge of autonomous mobile robotics.


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AI-enabled Vision


Eindhoven, Netherlands

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