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Research & Analysis

Enhanced Data Analysis

Data management and analysis can be an intensely manual process.

Our partner's custom software will free up time so you can focus on the problems that matter.

Data Analytics, Meet Machine Learning

Tools designed by your research

Automated Pattern Discovery

Use the patterns that matter

If there are patterns hidden in the data, Machine Learning software tends to find it. 

Despite being the most advanced tool in data science, at times it's as simple as combining clustering and regression efforts - but sliced in every way through staggering numbers of iterations.

ML enhanced data analytics optimises to find the most appropriate direction of data rapidly and automatically.

Custom Applications

Off the shelf solutions don't work

So much of work life is about finding the right tool.

Every lab is unique: where the data comes from, how many sources there are, where data is kept and how it's moved around.

If a tool isn't build for your data architecture, then it's probably not worth having.

From Data to Information

Your greatest force is unharnessed

Value comes from power. Power comes from knowledge. Knowledge, from information. Information, from data.

Machine Learning converts data into value, because the value output - your software - is directly moulded by that data. 

Human beings can only spot so many patterns and they tend to be the patterns that are being looked for to begin with. 

Software, on the other hand, is blind to everything but the patterns.

Engineering First

More engineering than maths

To be effective, software needs to be as customised as your research problem - not the other way around as is so often the case.

Off-the-shelf solutions won’t fit your methodology as well as an application designed specifically for your environment and operational definition.

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