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Case study card:

In-house intelligent audience analytics platform

In-house intelligent audience analytics platform


eCommerce & Marketing

This use case showcases a supplier platform delivered to two clients, highlighting the industry agnostic relevance of media analytics.

Business challenge
Businesses benefit from a better understanding of ROI for all media spend.

There was a need for an event-driven real-time data mining marketing platform. They wanted to be able to analyse consumer sentiment and competitor brand spending on print and social media.

Supplier Solution
Automation tools for data collation using e-newspaper archives and social media.
Data engineering platform for information and data workflow. An algorithm to analyze advertising images, text and streaming data (social media) to provide analysis and real time updates on a daily basis to the VP, marketing team.
Cloud based, mobile app solutions for ease of use for relevant stakeholders.

Excellent insights into competitor’s spending, product marketing strategy as well into untapped, under-served regions for new, suitable product launches. This kind of market research platform is applicable for drug development companies in the times of increasing competitiveness from generic drugs.
Cost savings and ROI on marketing/advertising spend increased by 27%.




Group M, USA; TVS Motors, India

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