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Intelligent production quality and process capability analysis

Intelligent production quality and process capability analysis


Primary Industries and Infrastructure

Business Challenge
The client is a manufacturer of airplane parts (turbines, etc.) with over $2 billion in revenue. They wanted to bring machine learning methods into their production quality management system.
End-product quality is of critical importance in the aviation field.
Testing processes are very complex and generate a lot of data.

Supplier Solution
Our supplier developed an intelligent production quality management system for process capability analysis. 
Large quantities of data were processed and visualised for CPK, PPK and MSA analysis (statistical process performance measures).
Test engineers can identify bottlenecks in a seconds and create needed reports in a minutes using user friendly GUI.
Further, predictive analysis enables foresight into which products are likely to fail and at which test step.
Reduced manual work by 30%. Operational costs of delivery products to the customer reduced by 25% because of detection and prevention of sending bad products to the customers.


Aviation manufacturing



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