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Measuring the height of a pile of corrugated iron

Measuring the height of a pile of corrugated iron


Primary Industries and Infrastructure

Business Challenge
Every day, 10-12 truck loads of 100's of corrugated iron sheet stacks are shipped to clients => continuous height variability.
Before loading into trucks, the number of sheets in a stack needs to be counted. This is done manually as of now and it is a time consuming and an error prone process.

Supplier Solution
Our supplier suggested a mobile phone based solution wherein the person loading the stack will take a picture of the stack and the app will tell them the number of sheets in the stack.
For this to happen, we had to measure height of the stack and use machine learning model to predict number of sheets from the height. 
Accuracy score: Dimension accuracy was close to 95%
We are yet to achieve acceptable counting accuracy (above 95%).


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