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We're All Broadcasters

“There are 7 billion ways of understanding the world.”

Med SAMOUD's an intriguing character.

“Change technology as an interface, change 7 billion perspectives.”

“Anyone can have a really wide impact” he puts simply, “all of us are broadcasters; it’s up to us to spread good ideas.”

Self-taught, involved in communities, leader of the Parisian FB developer circle, he empowers youth potential, organises events; you name it, Med’s involved.

“People chase cashflow. This is unfortunate.”

“We leave digital prints everywhere.”

He quotes Hammerbacher: “the best minds of my generation make people click ads.”

Holding back my digital media past, I take the compliment – take it where you can, eh? He’s right though. Salience has become currency, attention a commodity.

But ill motives can still fuel good.

“At least the value [of tech] outstrips the cost.”

“Open source is one of the greatest ideas ever. Gets everyone involved."

"Global connected progress.”

He advocates “upstream action...doing good with data.”

“What is more noble than working in this crazy field; as a side impact, you are literally enhancing society.”

He leaves with an interesting thought.

“The definition of literacy seems like it’s changing."

"People are almost considered illiterate if they can’t code.”

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