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Unswayed by Hype

Interviewee, Benedikt Herudek:

“Unlike deep learning, blockchain didn’t find other use cases.”

Benedikt Herudek isn’t swayed by hype.

“Bitcoin and governance aside, I think blockchain is a tech hype with little substance.”

“Enterprise understandably tries to dampen it down, but it has totally different permission algorithms.” “If you take away that edge, it’s boring.” (And not secure.)

He quotes a good talk: “if there’s no block, and there’s no chain… it’s bullshit!

Hype aside; these are two genius technologies. One facilitates data exchange and the other converts data to value. I ask: surely they can come together?!

“I don’t see a connection. Never saw a valid use case.”

“Perhaps if there wasn't bitcoin, a use case would be there.”

Bitcoin, at the possible cost of ML + blockchain. (Doh.)

Inverted govt bond yield curves... recession to trigger bitcoin uptake again “It will come back. I have some bitcoin”. Maybe then blockchain will be cool again?

“People say: who says we need these big f***ed up corporations?”

The world is decentralising. A replacement government? Undeniably algorithmic. But, it needs a data ecosystem for true de-centrality.

"You should check out Ocean Protocol.” (

A blockchain platform to unlock data for ML?

Bingo. I’ll try for an interview ;)

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