The Game of ML Models

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

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Manish Patel runs Jiva.AI, a highly advanced, funded healthcare start up in London, creating a platform for data driven healthcare.

This COVID thing, eh?

“Covid. It’s annoying. I have elderly parents and so it’s actually also quite scary. Societally, it is really difficult. Kids aren’t crazy yet, but the anxiety issues are definitely coming out.”

“Humans are networkers naturally; mental health is a big problem.”

Are you worried about it out-mutating our vaccine efforts?

“In general viruses tend to mutate to less virulent strains. If it’s killing off its hosts too quickly it doesn’t tend to spread.”

“I think the bigger problem will be the consequences of the last year.

"Especially in the UK. Possibly among the worst in the world. I’ve seen reports that reckon there are 600-800 people per week that didn’t have their prostate scan.”

“And that’s just one disease area. That’s a huge backlog. Think about kidney, heart, lungs, …there will be this tsunami of diagnoses to overcome. It’ll bring NHS to knees to cope with demand.”

How’s business in the pandemic era? Have you felt much impact?

“Not to sound callous – as obviously the widespread death isn’t great, but from a business perspective that’s a huge opportunity for AI companies.”

“AI in healthcare is a hot topic! Hospitals and universities overwhelmed by COVID-19, so they haven’t been as engaged as they were previously as they’re just too busy. But they will be.”

“We count as a new venture, so VCs just haven’t been as interested; they want to invest in companies they’ve already put money into.”

“I understand it, it’s what I’d do. If my existing venture has cashflow issues, I would definitely approach the investors [who stand to lose money if it fails].”

“On the flipside, the platform product we’re working on has received a lot of traction. We’re try to build all of our diagnostics from this platform.”

Your platform?

“Every year there are thousands of SMEs trying to create better diagnostics, but don’t have AI or ML really embedded in what they do.”

“We’re trying to democratise the use of AI, building this platform that’s relatively easy for non AI persona to plug data into.”

“As a business model, we don’t want to create specific medical diagnostics, so we’re building a platform that allows for multi-modal AI processes.”

Multi modal?

“Liver disease is a good e